7 Symptoms of Suspension Trouble

7 Symptoms of Suspension Trouble

7 Symptoms of Suspension TroubleFor comfortable handling and overall safe driving, you want to make sure that your suspension remains in great shape. When you first notice an indication of suspension trouble, it's best to bring your vehicle to the shop for an inspection. Here's a look at seven signs that it's time for suspension repair.


Assuming you're driving at a safe speed, it shouldn't feel as if you're swaying or drifting when you go around sharp bends in the road. However, if you do get this sensation, then a faulty suspension could be to blame.

"Nose Diving" Sensation

If your shocks are worn-out, it might seem like you're lurching forward at a downward trajectory when you step on the brakes.

Fails the Bounce Test

You can do an easy test to help determine if your shocks/struts are worn-out. First and foremost, be sure that your vehicle is securely parked with no chance of rolling. Then, use all of your power to push down on the front end. Rock it a couple of times and release. Next, go around to the back to the back of the vehicle and repeat this step on the rear. Upon letting go, your vehicle should only rock two or three times. But if it rocks more than this, you'll want to have a mechanic take a look at your suspension.

Bumpy Driving

You're likely due for suspension repair if every little bump makes it feel like your vehicle excessively shakes and bounces.

Bald Spots on Tires

Failing shocks/struts can cause tire tread to wear down unevenly. As a result, bald spots could form on your tires.

Leaking and/or Visible Damage

It's a good idea to occasionally take a look at your suspension to see if any obvious issues are present. You'll likely need to replace your shocks if you can see oil leaking out onto them.

One Corner Seems Low

A failing spring could cause your vehicle to sit lower in one corner. When this is the case, you'll probably hear clunky noises when you go over bumps in the road.

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Posted: November 30, 2020

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