Simple Tips for Safe Driving this Winter

Simple Tips for Safe Driving this Winter

Simple Tips for Safe Driving this WinterWinter weather can bring very challenging driving conditions, making it important that you take certain precautions. To lessen your risk of an accident, you'll want to drive defensively. Another way to boost safety is to bring your car to the shop for winter auto maintenance. At Phil and Son Auto Repair, our local mechanics are experts at conducting auto maintenance that will prepare your vehicle for winter weather.

Helpful Tips for Safe Winter Driving

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, it's especially important that you keep a safe following distance. With a proper following distance and healthy brakes, it's much less likely that you'll slide into the car in front of you. In optimal driving conditions, you should maintain at least a three-second distance. In the rain, your distance should be increased to six seconds. And when it's snowing, a minimum eight-second following distance is recommended.

Another easy way to boost safety in winter is to always keep your headlights on, no matter if it's midday or midnight. With illuminated headlights, you'll be able to better see any hazards that lie ahead, and other drivers will be able to more easily see you.

If the weather starts turning really bad, you may want to get off the road and wait out the storm, assuming there's a place where you can safely do so. In such a scenario, it's definitely best to pull over into a parking lot where you can warm up inside a store and use your phone if need be. This is a much safer option than simply pulling onto the shoulder. However, if you do end up getting stuck on the shoulder, then you should put on your hazards and contact emergency services. Anytime you find yourself in stressful winter driving circumstances, it's best if you can stay calm and make rational decisions about your course of action. If you panic, you're more likely to make knee-jerk decisions that could potentially put you in deeper danger.

Winter Auto Maintenance in Manchester, NH

Bringing your car to our shop for winter auto maintenance is another way to enhance safety. Important winter maintenance tasks include checking tires, brakes, battery, heating system, wiper blades, and antifreeze. If you need auto maintenance in Manchester and the surrounding area, contact Phil and Son Auto Repair at (603) 669-6827. At our local auto shop, we can complete any type of repair or maintenance that your car needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: November 2021

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