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Auto Diagnostics in Manchester, NH and Surrounding Communities

Auto Diagnostics in Manchester, NHModern cars are high tech! The use of computers, sensors, microprocessors and other electronic equipment allows for enhanced safety, reliability and performance, but it also makes working on cars a bit more complicated than in decades past. Have no fear though. Phil and Son Auto Repair has invested in the latest computer automotive diagnostic equipment, ensuring fast and accurate repairs. If your car is giving you any sort of trouble, our highly experienced local car mechanics will be able to identify and repair it. We fix car problems big and small, so give us a call at the first hint of an issue to schedule expert car services in Manchester, NH.

Computer Diagnostic Equipment

Phil and Son Auto Repair is outfitted with the latest computer assisted diagnostic and repair equipment. This allows our auto mechanics to quickly and accurately determine a problem with a vehicle so it can be fixed appropriately. Our scanners and other tools are compatible with most makes and models of European, Asian and domestic vehicles. If you experience hard starting, see a dashboard warning light, hear a strange noise or have another reason to believe you need car service, please visit us for expert auto diagnostics in Manchester.

Check Engine Light Repair

One of the most common signs of car trouble is the illumination of the check engine light. This light can indicate many different forms of trouble, ranging from very minor to major. It is important to visit the auto shop as soon as this light turns on to receive check engine light repair. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get and the more expensive it will become to fix the issue that triggered it. For example, a failed sensor that may cost a couple hundred dollars to repair could turn into a need for catalytic converter repair, which costs upwards of $1,000 for some vehicles.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard Warning LightsYour dashboard is home to numerous warning lights besides the check engine light. If any of these indicator lights turn on, head to Phil and Son Auto Repair for professional automotive diagnostics. These lights represent many systems in your car. You may see the alternator light, battery light, engine temperature light, ABS light, TPMS light or oil light, among others. Immediate service is necessary to prevent long term problems from setting in.

Signs of Car Trouble

While dashboard warning lights are a key indicator of trouble, there are many other ways to detect car problems. The following are a few of the most common signs of car trouble. If you encounter any of them, please visit us for proper diagnostics and repair.

  • Odd Car Noises - Many car problems will create strange noises. A few examples include worn brake pads, which result in a squeaking or whining noise when you try to slow your car, or low transmission fluid, which causes a grinding noise as you shift.
  • Car Smells - Several common car problems will generate odors. One of the most common smells reported is of maple syrup, which is the result of a coolant leak. Another problem that creates a weird smell is a worn clutch, which can cause a burning odor.
  • Automotive Fluid Leaks - Nothing should ever be leaking from your car. If you spot a drip, come see us. We fix all leaks, including engine oil leaks, coolant leaks, transmission fluid leaks, brake fluid leaks and power steering fluid leaks.
  • Vibrations - Any shaking or vibrating that occurs within your vehicle should be reported to your mechanic. For example, if your gas pedal vibrates, your car may have an exhaust leak.

Phil and Son Auto Repair will complete thorough car diagnostics in Manchester to pinpoint trouble. We will then fix car problems that we discover quickly and effectively. To learn more about our auto shop services, please give us a call at (603) 669-6827. We would be happy to provide you with an estimate for the cost of car repair in Manchester or schedule you an appointment.

"I came in the other day my 96 Jaguar was riding like a roller coaster they diagnosed the problem to be broken belts in 2 tires 1 front 1 back so we replaced all 4 and now it drives like a brand new car Thanks Phil & Son."

"Great service, quality, and professionalism! I have taken my car in to this automobile repair shop for years. I appreciate the honesty and genuine care provided each time."


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